To all the Lonhea team,

 I wanted to thank you both collectively and individually for all that you have given of yourselves over these last 10 days.

 Sebastien, thank you for your impeccable organisation of each aspect of my stay whether big or small, for your warmth, and for your attention to the multitude of details too numerous to mention:  you more than meet the standards of an ultra-personalised service which is the definition of true luxury today, you have reinvented the concept of true hospitality: bravo to you!

Xavier, thank you for your patience, for your inventive and always novel exercises, for your creativity in strengthening my muscles, your quiet but firm professionalism in getting me back into shape.  All of your exercises and of course our hikes will inspire me from now on!  Thank you for those unique and special times spent together in the beauty of the mountains: what unforgettable memories!

Rose, thank you for your sessions filled with peace, spirituality even.  You are the one who knew how to teach me to "go" somewhere that wasn't exactly sleep, towards a world where one can truly recharge and recuperate.  Thank you.  You are amazing.  And with your magic hands, thank you for being able to reconcile me to the joys of a "hot stone" massage!

Vera, thank you for your true attentiveness, your genuineness, your cheerfulness.  You are a hard worker with really good heart!  Thank you.

Pedro, Thank you for all those dishes concocted with love and knowledge.  A culinary journey, the pleasure of always discovering new tastes, everything was fresh, exquisitive, innovative!  You are an excellent chef!

And finally Michel, thank you for those brief but very significant moments spent together, your willingness to listen, your knowledge, thank you for sharing and imparting your great expertise both as a person and a scientist.  

Thank you to the whole of this fantastic team who supported and guided me during those 10 days.  You understand the true meaning of the word luxury, and how to genuinely "help" someone in an ultra-personalised way.

Lonhea: an extraordinary, unique concept.  Bravo!


Dear Sébastien,

I wanted to thank you, as well as Pedro, for those recipes.  Yummmmm ;- )

Re-reading the list of dishes and ingredients from the past week of my life, I realise that the atmosphere in the kitchen and dining room isn't mentioned anywhere !?

 So I have to play Pedro's game and guess what the atmosphere is like!

 Shake well and add essence of Michel, you, Xavier, Pedro, Vera, Rose, Valérie... who, together create the key ingredient unique to Lonhea. 

 In gratitude,


"I had an amazing two week stay at Lonhea. The mental & physical transformation during my visit was phenomenal. The lifestyle changes learned from the entire Lonhea team have been lasting as my results continue to improve. I had previously been experiencing issues with my sleep & diet which have now been resolved. My current fitness level & mental outlook is ideal. I look forward to following up at Lonhea in the near future to reinforce & improve on the positive lifestyle changes I have learned". 

John R.

“Thank you, I returned on Saturday afternoon after two brilliant weeks at Lonhea.

I found everything I was looking for, including a daily habit of exercise that has followed me home”


“The stay at Lonhea was a great experience and we are eager trying to follow the program ahead of us.

Say hi to all and we wish you a relaxed holiday.”


“Glen & I benefited so much from our stay and committed to continue making changes with our lifestyle.   We have been travelling Mon-Fri in different directions (without our precious Kitti!) so challenging to do any day training but we have both improved with activity and once we settle into Europe fully we can see how it will be our way of life.

 A tune up for us all great to keep on track!”

 Best wishes

Karen & Mia

“Many thanks for a great stay at Lonhea – Phillip and I much enjoyed our week there.  And we are trying to keep up the good work.  I just enrolled in a gym and now eat my proteins for lunch.

Hope all is well with all of you.” 



“Best wishes and many thanks for a very enjoyable and successful week”


“Thanks to you and to all of the Lonhea family for caring for us so well.”




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