Dr. Michel Golay is known as one of the best specialist in his branch. He graduated as a Chiropractor in Los Angeles in 1988, validated his diploma in Switzerland in 1990, then studied various health philosophies such as acupuncture, energy medicine and homeopathy. He also followed post-graduate studies in micro-nutrition and functional neurology. Specialised during a time in sports médecine, he benefits of an excellent reputation with international athletes. In 1997, he creates in Geneva the "Athletica Centre" which the goal is to develop physical activity programs for all. On the strength of 25 years of research and experience, he has reached the goal he set himself when he was younger, the creation of a method for the development of global health scientifically valid. 



rue de Contamines 26

1206 Genève


Tel: +41 (0)22 704 32 36