Health problem

Functional rehabilitation

The goal of functional rehabilitation is not only to restore correct mechanical function to the musculoskeletal system but also to ensure an adequate supply of blood and nutrients to the tissues. The two brain method is at the heart of this process, because the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the vascularisation of the tissues and any disruption to it will automatically affect the musculoskeletal system. This is a little-known or underestimated cause of dysfunction and pain.    

Neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases, being genetic in nature,

cannot be completely cured. However, by eliminating digestive inflammation - an

aggravating factor - which in turn potentiates the function of the remaining

intact neurons, it is possible to slow the disease progression.

Type 2 Diabetes

Latest research has highlighted the important role of gut flora in the duodenum (the part of the digestive system exiting the stomach) with the onset of type 2 diabetes. The Lonhea method applies particularly well to this pathology because it modifies the gut flora and combats digestive inflammation.

Weight loss

Intestinal flora also play an important role in the modern phenomena of overweight and obese individuals. Certain bacteria produce transmitters that are responsible for activating receptors situated in the intestinal wall, and it is these receptors which (through the enteric nervous system) activate both the body's satiety centre and its thermoregulation centre. When too much food is consumed, it increases the metabolism of the individual in order to burn extra calories. Becoming overweight is primarily due to a dysfunction of this system. There is no need to diet in order to bring it back to normal. Instead, activating the two brains by using the Lonhea method resets this "dialogue" between the intestine and the nervous system

High blood pressure

A number of factors may increase peripheral resistance to blood flow and thereby create increased arterial pressure. The most important of these factors are an over-consumption of sodium and a lack of potassium in the diet, which leads to significant fluid retention. Weight gain is also an aggravating factor contributing to increased arterial pressure. Proper function of the rib cage - notably the respiratory muscles - is also essential for moving fluid around the body and reducing arterial resistance.

Tailor-made Programme

A 4 month tailor-made programme will be created for all our guests.

Follow up

The follow up is an integral part of your journey to set your health back on track. It is the continuity of the cure with a specific tailor made programme to follow, guide and help you to stay focused. It will support you, in your everyday life, to implement the tools we will have taught you.

We give you a heart rate monitor which is able to record and analyse heart rate variability. You will be connected to us through our web platform, allowing you to download your training sessions and your night recordings. Every 2 weeks, you will be given new advice and updates in relation to training, food intake etc.

A minimum of 4 months is necessary to establish significant changes in your life and for them to have a real impact on your body. It is only then that you will actually notice improvements in your blood and sleep quality, which are the best indicators of reptilian brain functions. The comparative analysis of your blood pre-post-program will demonstrate progress made in your journey towards health.




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